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Whitney H. and the Very Enormous St. Valentine’s Cookie

Happy Valentines’s Day, folks. I’ve never had hard feelings for this holiday. What can I say… I’m a lover; not a hater. *snork*.

Yep. Spread your Cupid wings folks, it’s Valentine’s day.  Didn’t shoot anyone with arrows, although I feel like I took one in the back. Continue reading Whitney H. and the Very Enormous St. Valentine’s Cookie

A Word game [poem]

A poem I wrote for Valentines Day, 2007.



“It’s not me; it’s you,” she smiled,
And sipped her wine,
Winked, and set three
Tiles: D-I-S
To my COVER.
“Did you not see?”

It caught me by
Surprise, I had
To admit. “Your
thoughts are mine and
Beyond, I swear.”

“Is it not you
Alone, who knows
Your world? I may
help you to re-
collect your thoughts…”

“What kind of blight
credits my friends
with my success,
and I never see
past my failures?”

She then pressed a
Loving finger
To my lips, and
Held me as I
Pondered this thought.

And my embrace
Pulled her body
Deeper into
My bosom than I
Thought possible.

The hearth fire sparked
And crackled as
It gave joyous
Assent to all
Our remembrances.

I smiled. “It’s not you, but we.”

To Love [Repost Feb 2007]

Valentines Day post from 2007.



Yesterday, Martha asked me “When you say I love you, what does that mean to you?” A month-or-so ago, Gina asked me the same thing. Rosie told me she is uncomfortable hearing it. In fact, some people rebuke the term like some sort of venomous snake. The universe is a large and scary place, and to be frightened of love is a bit sad to me; it’s tantamount to admitting that friends are not worth the trouble.

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