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Tonight I sleep!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. This morning I managed to finally secure the CPAP machine I had such high hopes for. In case you hadn’t heard, breathing is good.

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Taking a Breather during the Night

It’s the first day of the new week. The younger kid is at school, and Judi is at work. The older kid is thumping around after having just made a bacon grilled cheese sandwich, probably getting ready for his first day back after Spring Break. But today is my Friday. I almost always work the weekend and often work the Monday and Tuesday following. Weekends at my store are grueling. We are often running like crazy from the beginning of my shift until we close the store.

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An Exhausting State of Sleep

When I was a kid we used to pile into the car for swim lessons in Brookings. I remember Tarra Walker, my sister, and maybe the Crook boys in there with us. Perhaps Brett and Jennifer Hull. Anyway, there aren’t many days in the short Curry County summer where you can engage in swim lessons, because before you realize it, you’ve been overtaken by cold rainy days and it’s just not fun anymore.

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Sleep/Leap Year Day, 2016

This here is what you call two blog posts in a row, folks.

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