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Monday Ramblings

It’s gonna be a good, good morning, folks, and then a good, good week. I know this because I’m on my first cup of really lousy office coffee, and it can only get better from thirty minutes of Folger’s, right?

Here's a picture of my morning so far...

I’m suffering from a Case of the Attitudes at work. Or at least, that’s how I perceive it.  I barely get by. I wish I could quit this job sometimes. It’s not the people, or the place really.

Okay, it’s a person.

I won’t go into the details here, as much as I’d like to, because this is a public forum, and I really don’t want to offend anyone, or hurt them, at work. That’s the game I play. I hate confrontation. A few months ago, I wrote the very controversial “Our Gay Neighbors” post.  It tore me up inside to read the posts–even the ones I agreed with–because of the ad hominem attacks on people. It required an inordinate amount of Tums to survive the two weeks worth of challenges to my manhood, and credibility, and Christianity, and sanity. I nearly quit blogging. Instead, I went quiet. I didn’t fan flames; I stopped arguing, and allowed people to say their piece. I had my chance to make a difference; I blew it. I caused a controversy using caustic words, and I paid the price for it. Lesson learned.

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Giggling Gurus, and Other Thoughts on Prayer

I don’t pray. Not in the traditional sense. I don’t close my eyes, fold my hands and speak words to the Omniscient Bearded Man in the Air. It seems vapid to me. Furthermore, I don’t trust words.  I grew up in a religious tradition where words were inexpensive and not especially honored. We sang words. We shouted words. In fact, one of the most important doctrinal positions in our denomination was that someday, the Almighty would loosen our tongues, present us with a Heavenly language we did not know, by which we could communicate to God. They call this Speaking in Tongues. Glossolalia for us smartass Ivory Tower Scholars.   Continue reading Giggling Gurus, and Other Thoughts on Prayer

Thank You, God, for Wide Ties

WARNING: This post will contain God-talk, and prayer-talk. If you feel like skipping this post, go right ahead. Just a warning to readers who might be concerned about catching Christianity or some other kind of religion bug.

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