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A Big Deal

I love Small Things.

A box turtle! I was told by the resident herpetologist (which has nothing to do with herpes, mind you) on staff at USGS that this colorful pal o' mine is a male.

I was mentioning it to my sons last night, as I recalled a blog I wrote several years ago (now lost. “Thanks so much, Yahoo 360°,” he said, rolling his eyes…) about a squirrel. The  critter, in a battle with a couple blue jays high up in an oak tree, managed to drop a nut on my head. How unpredictable the universe is. Of all the random moments, in all the world, that something could drop from the sky; in all the desperate extra-species battles ever conducted in a tree, it’s amazing–a blessing of uniqueness, even, that at that every moment, I would be collateral damage in a nut bombing. The universe is capricious. Even fun. My children’s original question was if a squirrel had ever shit on my head. My answer was no. I think that, to my boys, it was a bit disappointin’ that I would miss the annointin’. I guess I should thank heaven that squirrels and jays don’t fight with grand pianos and Acme safes. Continue reading A Big Deal


Write, Neekswrite!

A few weeks ago, I began following the blog of a new friend, Neekswrite, who gave herself a challenge to write very short stories or poems, with the prompting of three randomly-chosen words by bloggers. She’s done so, admirably, for the summer.

The idea was taken from a scene in the Meryl Streep/Robert Redford film Out of Africa, where Streep’s character played a similar parlor game much like the task Neeks has set for herself, spinning a tale using the three words chosen by her guests. Continue reading Write, Neekswrite!


We all have dealbreakers.  We have probably all unfriended someone in social media, if we’ve found them disagreeable, or annoying, or offensive. More often, we tend to prune our social media rosters.  The Internet now has a smattering of places you can add and delete people, then hurt their feelings, without ever once looking in their eyes! I for one am proud to announce that I no longer have 666 Facebook friends. I have 668. I can’t be going around with the number of the antichrist attached to my friends list. I was gonna delete a few friends just to unnerve a few of my more conservative pals, or just for a laugh, and this got me thinking. Why? Who do I delete? and why do I remove them.

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Conscience of the Community

Howdy people!

I’ve been sick. About two hours before the beginnings of Hurricane Irene touched our area on Saturday, my body decided I needed a fever. There were no other symptoms; just a nasty fever that seemed to spike when and where it liked. I spent the day popping Tylenol and (after we ran out) Ibuprofen to take the symptoms away. I hate taking pills of any kind. I constantly tested the edges of my fever, not liking to take a tablet to control the thing until I was sure I had a high temperature—”Maybe it is gone now,” I kept thinking to myself. Myself kept being incorrect.

I stayed home on Monday, the last Ibuprofen swallowed around 3 PM that day. The fever seems to be a distant memory now. As a result, I was unable to blog that day, nor on Tuesday. I just didn’t have the energy. I sat at my desk like a paperweight yesterday, only a paperweight is more high-performing than I managed.

So today, I blog.

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Earthquakes, here and there

Remember on Monday, when I said this would be a good, good week? Well, I’ve been right so far!

Post-quake Tsunami, Japan, 2011.
Earthquake. China, 2010.

Despite a small earthquake interrupting the latter part of the day yesterday, we spent a lot of family time at the orthodontist, then out to dinner with the boys (I had an excellent walnut-crusted chicken, surprisingly, at a sp0rts bar). I watched my kids eat. Then we went shopping for Daniel’s birthday, and came home, where I relaxed and read. A point of fact: a couple different earthquakes have happened in my life this week. As Ted “Theodore” Logan once said in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” (this is possibly the best line Keanu Reeves has ever delivered in a film.)

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Random Thoughts 2

Whoever invented the phrase “reinvent the wheel” should be taken out behind a barn and run over by something large with wheels.

One of modern church’s greatest dangers is trying to be “edgy” and “attractive” rather than relevant and loving.


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Monday Ramblings

It’s gonna be a good, good morning, folks, and then a good, good week. I know this because I’m on my first cup of really lousy office coffee, and it can only get better from thirty minutes of Folger’s, right?

Here's a picture of my morning so far...

I’m suffering from a Case of the Attitudes at work. Or at least, that’s how I perceive it.  I barely get by. I wish I could quit this job sometimes. It’s not the people, or the place really.

Okay, it’s a person.

I won’t go into the details here, as much as I’d like to, because this is a public forum, and I really don’t want to offend anyone, or hurt them, at work. That’s the game I play. I hate confrontation. A few months ago, I wrote the very controversial “Our Gay Neighbors” post.  It tore me up inside to read the posts–even the ones I agreed with–because of the ad hominem attacks on people. It required an inordinate amount of Tums to survive the two weeks worth of challenges to my manhood, and credibility, and Christianity, and sanity. I nearly quit blogging. Instead, I went quiet. I didn’t fan flames; I stopped arguing, and allowed people to say their piece. I had my chance to make a difference; I blew it. I caused a controversy using caustic words, and I paid the price for it. Lesson learned.

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