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Open Letter To Dr. Jay Herndon, Re. Bethany University Library

Wilson Library
Wilson library at Bethany University. Photo by Debbie Pope.

Dear Dr. Herndon:

You might remember me as the Library Director at Bethany University, for 5 years after Arnold McLellan retired.  I had the pleasure of hiring and working with your daughter-in-law for those years, and the privilege of teaching Josh’s Critical Thinking class for a semester in 2006.  I am also a quarter-century supporter, student and employee of Bethany University, as well as a concerned citizen who has spent his entire adult career in the field of Information Science. Continue reading Open Letter To Dr. Jay Herndon, Re. Bethany University Library


What Do I Do?

I put my super-amazing cloak of denial and after a short shower, I emerged as I’m Not Entirely Worthless Man. It’s been a three-day weekend. Everyone in the house but I gets to enjoy a two-hour work or school delay. I wish I could throw rotting cabbage off an overpass. Sometimes that seems to be the appropriate response to four hours of freezing snow, a near-inevitable government shutdown, and 3/4 of a family getting to sleep in an extra two hours. Continue reading What Do I Do?

Whybrarian? (Pt. 2)

About 10 years ago, I encountered a high school friend (I won’t say his name, but his initials are Scott Coogan) who told me he was shocked I had studied to be a librarian. Really? Continue reading Whybrarian? (Pt. 2)

Whybrarian? (Pt. 1)

I’ve always been a librarian; I just never knew it until 1992. That summer, four months engaged to Judi, and newly graduated with a degree in music, I began applying for temporary work.

I had finally resolved that music was not the direction I would spend my life, after 5 years of study and practice, I knew I was not fit with the temperament of a teacher; if anything, I loved academics, and high schoolers were anything but academic. I judged the whole pursuit useful at the time—I learned to let my emotions be what they were, to be, if possible, confident in front of a crowd. Continue reading Whybrarian? (Pt. 1)