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The Swing Set Vandals

I am far, far removed from being a good person and I’m constantly reminded of my slip-ups. I don’t like to berate other people for their faults; possibly because I’m so good at slapping myself for my own, and therefore get more than enough practice. My old sins even keep me up at night sometimes; albeit not last night. I slept pretty well last night. But that’s beside the point.

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Well, I’ll Be Scrooged!

Old Ebenezer died late last week. Not the original. He was a work of Charles Dickens’s overactive imagination. However, you may have crossed paths with this modern day Scrooge replica, so  I won’t tell you any specifics. Also, this is my story and not his. He’s too dead to care, and you’re too alive to be chasing down spooks. Continue reading Well, I’ll Be Scrooged!

Quintessence and stuff

The Ancients believed there were four elements that founded the building blocks of the universe: fire, air, earth, and water.  From these base elements, all things could be created. There was also a fifth element, the “Quint-essence” called ether (or akasha, in Hindu tradition), that was unknowable stuff.  It was like über-air… the stuff that only gods could breathe (or even conceive of breathing). Continue reading Quintessence and stuff


I break things quite frequently in the kitchen. Sometimes I even break stuff on purpose, because nothing says “commitment” like walking barefoot on a tile floor when it’s covered in microscopic shards of broken glass. I also spill things, also quite frequently. My motivations are several, but usually the reasons amount to nothing so much as the intense pleasure second degree burns give my skin.  Sometimes, for kicks, I even spill on stuff. So why does it bother me so much? Continue reading Shatter-resistant