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Un-politicizing our Compassion

Todd Palin, the First Gentleman of Alaska, was injured pretty badly in a snowmobile accident. Did anyone hear this? It happened maybe two days ago. His wife, Sarah Palin, posted this on Facebook a few hours after it happened:

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Magical Flying Machines and Colby Curtin

I didn’t blog yesterday. Why, you ask? I got busy. Time management has never been my strongest skill, so after making new hats for about 10 hours, I looked up and, BEHOLD! Most of the day had gone by.

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Ten Reasons You Should Like the Pope

He was 2013’s Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. He’s the first non-European pope in over 1,000 years. He is the first Jesuit pope ever. He’s managed not to look like Star Wars’s Emperor Palpatine even once during his tenure. In the last 9 months, I’ve grown to respect Pope Francis in ways I was not expecting. He’s brought service and compassion to the forefront of his papal administration. He angers the wealthy. He’s been called anti-Capitalist, which to mind, if that’s the worst thing a person can be called, great! He washes the feet of sinners and “saints” alike. Continue reading Ten Reasons You Should Like the Pope

Well, I’ll Be Scrooged!

Old Ebenezer died late last week. Not the original. He was a work of Charles Dickens’s overactive imagination. However, you may have crossed paths with this modern day Scrooge replica, so  I won’t tell you any specifics. Also, this is my story and not his. He’s too dead to care, and you’re too alive to be chasing down spooks. Continue reading Well, I’ll Be Scrooged!