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Trumps of Doom (Book Review)

In The Trumps of Doom, Roger Zelazny’s sixth installment in the Chronicles of Amber shifts the focus to a new hero, young Merle Corey, a computer programmer and Prince of both kingdoms Chaos and Amber. He lives on shadow earth where every April 30, somebody tries to kill him. After 7 or 8 years, Merlin finally decides this is getting a bit personal, when a former girlfriend is slaughtered in her home.  The prince will go after the killer. He soon becomes embroiled in the snarled family politics of Amber, where more of Oberon’s children are mysteriously dying, and each sibling is introduced as a suspect with probable cause to murder. Merlin has created an interdimensional computer called the Ghostwheel, that reads a slice of each Shadow world, and processes that data. Continue reading Trumps of Doom (Book Review)

The Courts of Chaos (Book Review)

What a sad, thin little book The Courts of Chaos turned out to be. Roger Zelazny’s fifth installment in the Chronicles of Amber weighs in at a barely-a-novella 142 pages (in my Avon mass market paperback edition). Our hero Corwin spends about 100 pages running through a veritable Through The Looking Glass hellride to the Courts of Chaos, to stop the villain from doing an Insane Bad Guy thing. I won’t ruin it for anybody by spoiling the name of this Insane Bad Guy; suffice it to say that he’s not very nice, and is chasing and harassing Corwin every step of the way. Continue reading The Courts of Chaos (Book Review)

The Hand of Oberon (Book Review)

Those who have been following Roger Zelazny’s Amber chronicles will be aware now that Oberon (apart from being King of the Fairies in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream) is the father of the gaggle of backstabbing miscreants that comprise the Amberites. Oberon of Amber bears no resemblance to his Shakespearean namesake. In fact, following the course of the first four novels of the Amber series, Oberon has been missing (presumably kidnapped by nefarious so-and-sos). Continue reading The Hand of Oberon (Book Review)

Sign of the Unicorn (Book Review)

Sign of the Unicorn is the the third installment in Roger Zelazny’s The Chronicles of Amber The hero of the first five books finds himself thrust suddenly into familial intrigue when a royal brother of the first family of Amber is murdered and another is stabbed. The book reads like an Agatha Christie novel, as we spend lots of time locked in a room, with several murder suspects, each a sibling, and each with the motive to destroy the Royal family, capture the throne, and possibly destroy Amber itself. Continue reading Sign of the Unicorn (Book Review)