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It’s Super Happy Tuesday Busing Funtime, Kids!

NOTE: For the weak of constitution, there are a couple words that may be construed as offensive. If you are likely to take offense, there is also a gratuitous Mark Twain quote that will heighten your moral alarm. Proceed at your own risk.


At around 8:00 this morning I was staring at this very screen, wondering which blog to compose. I was lacking interesting subjects and hoping something interesting would pop into my head.

So… this post is being written at 10:45AM, and is all about the reason I had to wait almost three hours before you received the insight.

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Winnie the Pooh Listened. Why Didn’t We?

Today was Big Bus day, and I can say with certainty that the wheels on most of the buses do in fact go round and round.

Daniel will be taking courses at the community college in Sterling this term.  As a point of reference, the campus is 7 1/2 miles (12 km) away.

The problem is an ugly transit issue: we live in Reston and Daniel doesn’t drive. He can’t ride a bike, and so we gave him a bus pass, which served him quite well during the last term, when all his classes were actually in Reston, but getting to Sterling (the main NVCC campus) is a bit more tricky. Sterling is in a different county with different bus service.

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