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The person I am today is not the person I was, nor am I the Brian-to-be. I am fascinated with the accrued layers of experiences and interactions that make me. Each day I chat with a few people online; some more regularly than others. This is not a normal function for me. When I lived in Sacramento as a young child, I was loud, verbose, gregarious, and earnest. Continue reading Metamorph

Who Are You, Two?

In my first post with the Who Are You title, I raised the possibility that we focus too much on the things and places that make us who we are, and spend far too little time reflecting on the actions (and more importantly, the interactions) that create the summation of our lives. Like most of my posts, it started out as a rant, and also like most of my posts, in the middle of writing, it took the shape of something entirely different than my intention. Continue reading Who Are You, Two?

Who Are You?

What It Is

I was born in Sacramento, California and was raised in rural southern Oregon.  I went to a Bible college in Santa Cruz, California to study music, and worked for the same college as its librarian from 1994 until 2006 (with a brief hiatus in Visalia, California, the honorary scent gland of the San Joaquin Valley). I married Judi Kelley Carpenter in 1993 and we have two boys who are currently 15 and 13 years old. We moved to Virginia in 2006, where we currently reside, and I work for the US Geological Survey. Continue reading Who Are You?

Flannery O’Connor: A Life [Repost May 2003]

(Written in 2003 for amazon.com)

Flannery O’Connor is arguably one of the most important writers of the twentieth century. She was passionately Southern and passionately Catholic, dedicated to her craft and a consummate professional.

This is why I think she would have scorned her recent biography, written by Jean Cash.

Continue reading Flannery O’Connor: A Life [Repost May 2003]