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Plain as the No…, Nevermind.

I owe an old friend an apology. He probably doesn’t remember, but when I was young, and stupid, and in my 20s, I made some wisecracks about his personal hygiene habits. He shrugged me off, and casually told me that when I was his age, I would understand.

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The Third Place

There’s not much to tell you about my work. The Ketchup Spice Latte hasn’t been embraced by my adoring public so, until then, I’m not exactly working at a gold mine for the blogging slagpile.

That said, I’ve met some interesting people.

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Take Two Aspirin & Call Me…

 Each morning before work, I have a bit of a ritual. These old bones of mine don’t appreciate standing for 8 hours a day on a tile floor, or even on black rubber slip-resistant mats. So my ritual is: I have to stretch out my limbs, and then I have to take Tylenol, or some other pain reliever, to preempt the soreness to come.

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Content-free blog

I make no assurances, but this may very well be the world’s first 100% all-natural no-preservatives content free blog post in the history of the craft.

I woke up 20 minutes late, hoping desperately for another hour of sleep but, I guess the darker recesses of my guilty mind dragged me out of bed. Somebody’s got to whip you all into a frenzy of annoyance and it may as well be me. Continue reading Content-free blog