I’m Brian. I could be factual, but I probably won’t.

  • I’m a librarian. I simply live to shoosh people.
  • I bought my first novel when I was fourteen. It cost $2.25. I read it under the covers with a flashlight so God wouldn’t find out.
  • I think about things a lot. Sometimes I think about stuff, too.
  • Only once have I been forced to climb into a dumpster behind Denny’s.
  • I can neither confirm nor deny that we smuggled marmots out of Sequoia National Park.
  • I started out by reading comics, just one or two a day. I thought, ‘I can quit anytime.’
  • Sometimes, just for fun, I hide behind a screen made from sarcasm and chicken wire.
  • I write posts about Christianity and other spiritual topics, thoughts about music, book reviews, essays about the writing process, the occasional rant, weird turns of phrase that strike me as linguistically peculiar, love letters, poetry.
  • I’m a Christian but not a conventional one. If you want to get saved, you’d be best served finding someone else to lead you down that path. But if you’ve been a Christian for decades, struggle with the Church, with the people who call themselves Christian, with religion in general, well, I’m probably your guy.
  • I swear in my blog sometimes. Deal with it.
  • I grew up saying “pop” – now I say “soda.”
  • I’m a romantic at heart, and an idealist, and a liberal damn pinko hippy. Deal with *that* too.
That’s about all.
Well? What ya waitin’ for?  Thanks for reading!

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Books and Writing, Linguistics, Christianity and whatever else I feel like talking about at the time…

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