59th Street Bridge Song

The last two days, the sky is a dull, gun metal gray, and the air is heavy as lead. You can feel the stuff pressing in around. And yet, it isn’t raining. I check the weather app on my phone and it says “90% chance of rain TWO HOURS FROM NOW” and, two hours from now? gun metal gray, and lead-heavy air. This trend has been going on for at least 24 hours.

That’s the big difference in weather between Virginia and where I grew up. In Oregon, when it wanted to rain, it just did. Hell, Oregon was practically an old lady with an incontinent bladder, always raining when you least expected it. Here, the weather is a pouting child, sitting in the corner and holding its breath until it gets its way.

Today there is supposed to be a triathlon near my work. In fact, I assume it’s already going on, since those things take awhile to complete, I hear. I’ve never actually run a triathlon, but I certainly hope triathletes are crazy with desire for sandwiches and coffee, until about twelve o’clock, and then they all want to go home and get out of the storm that’s supposed to happen two hours from now, so at one o’clock, when I go into work today, all I need to do is reset the inevitable big gigantic mess the runners and their families have made.

That said… ever tried to run through a city filled with oatmeal to the second-story windows? That’s what I imagine it would be like in our weather today, running a marathon. Some days, the weather is simply too unkind for running 26 miles. Swimming might not be too bad. And you can bike in any weather. Bikes have wheels, you know.

Of course you know.

I woke up at 6AM and thought “I should get up and write for a good three hours before I need to do chores around the house and stuff.” That enthusiasm lasted about fifteen minutes, while I sat on the toilet in the dark, and reassessed my first thought. I strapped my breathing mask back on, and went back to bed. In all, I actually slept 9 hours last night. I know this because the CPAP machine keeps track of this sort of thing for me. It also has a built-in humidifier and free wireless.  If it had furniture, it would practically be ready to move into.

So, now I’m sitting and writing. Who needs a topic to write, I say? Who needs one? Not BrianJane Carpenter!

After I finish up this post, I will be headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I’m already dressed, except for shoes and socks, so I’m actually ahead of the game, as far as these things go. Usually I’ve just thrown on my bottle-green sweatpants and a tank top that shows WAY too much man-boob, and I loiter until it’s time to work.

Earlier in the week, we all got devices. Judi and I traded in our old cell phones for new ones. Mine, at least, was badly needed. The screen from my old phone was cracked and angry, pieces of glass had actually fallen off the corners and splinters of the screen had occasionally made its way into my fingers. So after months of saving up my tips from work, I finally got enough to buy a new phone. They came on Tuesday, and we spent most of Tuesday evening jiggering our settings and trying to get the text messaging services to work. Judi’s phone is quite a bit bigger. Her fingers are stubby and her eyesight is bad so she’s happy as can be with the new phone. I prefer my overly-expensive handheld devices to be smaller. Also, this one has a slightly better camera than my last phone, so I can post high-definition pictures of my thumb.

Everything that makes today what it is, has come together. One boy is awake, and he made the coffee so I didn’t have to. He is sitting on the couch and playing some sort of a game on his Nintendo GameThing. Another boy is upstairs, asleep, and Judi is clattering around inside her bedside cupboard looking for kitty treats. Those things are important; it keeps the cat from annoying us for the next two hours. And coffee. That keeps everything else from annoying us for the duration of the morning. I take mine black.

So that’s about all that’s going on in my life. It boils down to just a couple concepts. Writing. Gunmetal sky. It’ll be raining 2 hours from now, but for the time being, the air is thicker ‘n oatmeal. New cell phones. Feed the cat. And coffee.

I think that fills out my priorities quite nicely. What is on your agenda this fine Sunday?


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