Four-Twenty Findings

Happy 4/20, for those of you who partake. I don’t, but I can appreciate it those who do. They buy lots of stuff at my restaurant.

An actual conversation from last year:

“Hey! What do you guys, like, put in the bacon, egg and gouda sandwiches on ciabatta bread?”
“Well, mostly bacon, egg and gouda cheese. And we put it on ciabatta bread.”
“Cool. I’ll take four of them.”

Today I drove to Sterling to drop off the crocheted blanket I made for a friend, while dropping Daniel off at his college. Also I had to fill the stupid tires, one of which must have a slow leak, because it’s a task I need to make sure I tackle once a month. They have a free tire filling thing at the station I visited. Oh, and also I got the car washed. A whole slough of chores to be done. And I had lunch with Daniel.

A myriad of little weird things happened today after I dropped off the blanket.

As I was leaving the Target parking lot, 3-4 cop cars had a white utility van surrounded. A man exited the van, and was being forced to kneel while cops held him at gunpoint. I’m pretty sure this was the first time I’ve ever seen a cop draw his or her weapon. Pretty surreal.

Then, right across the street, I drove to the gas station to get my car washed and to fill the tires with air. As I was finishing up, and putting the caps back on the tire stems, a BLUE utility van pulled up next to me, and a guy offered to sell me two stereos. Yeah. two stereos. Out of the back of a van. I shook my head. Didn’t even bother a friendly “no thanks.” Because, to my mind why would you say thanks to a guy trying to sell you a hot stereo?

Less than fifteen minutes later, my boss called my cell phone. “What’s up?” I asked him. “You won’t believe what happened. I was sitting in my car, in back of the store, reading a book and a cop came up and banged on my door.” She said they had reports he had been smoking marijuana. Now my boss does a lot of weird stuff, but I’m pretty sure marijuana during his work breaks isn’t one of them. When he rolled down his window, they said they thought they smelled a scent. I highly doubt their supercharged noses smelled anything but tacky incense and Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

A couple hours later, when I was picking Judi up from work, three huge black vans had positioned themselves in front of a hotel shuttle bus. Men with guns in camo uniforms were milling around in the middle of a primary Reston intersection, blocking traffic. I don’t know what that was all about, but it was a weird day of cops and crime, all in the space of four hours.

Anyway, now I’m home and slightly queasy. Nothing to do with my cops ‘n’ robbers day; it probably has more to do with heartburn. We are having one of my favorite new meals Judi has invented–philly cheesesteak sliders. Still too queasy to eat. But if I were stoned, and I’m not saying that I am, or was, or ever will be, it would be the perfect meal.


2 thoughts on “Four-Twenty Findings”

  1. Paralyzed keys on my keyboard prevent me from saying what I want to, but April 20 is my mothers birthday and probably not the type of activity I would celebrate it with… if I did partake… which I do not.
    I have missed reading your thoughts my friend, hope all is well with you and yours.

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  2. I, too, have had a strange day…I just don’t feel like blogging about it! I commend you for continuing to write!!!


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