Easter Morning 2016

It’s Easter morning 2016, and this might be the end for Kitty Jane Grey. Judi named her, not me–when I picked her up at the pet shelter as an early Christmas surprise. This was in 1999, or maybe 2000. She was young, rambunctious, and very clumsy when we brought her home. For the first few months, until she grew out of her gawky teenage phase, her rear legs were much longer than her front ones. She’d bash into things.

Well, it’s 16 (maybe 17) years later, and she’s lying around on the couch, leaving little drips of pee wherever she lies. She’s covered in matted clumps of hair, no longer caring really to groom herself.

janeyA few months ago her appetite was gone. The vet put her on an extra dosage of some kind of pill I can’t pronounce, and she seemed to make a rebound for awhile. Sometimes she’d devour two cans of cat food. The last few days, she stopped eating altogether, and possibly stopped drinking. We can’t tell yet.

This is not exactly a biography of her. I mean, she’s an indoor cat and does cat things. She’s a medium-hair gray cat. She loves kitty treats, but lost her taste for them several months back. She doesn’t too much enjoy being held. You didn’t pet her, but if you lay your hand on a surface and held really still, she’d probably plop down on it. Her version of love, I guess.

She loves being brushed though. She’ll smash her face into the cat brush and let you groom her for hours.Once she gnawed at the handle of a cat brush until it resembled a miniature pineapple.

The real (protestant) Jane Grey was called the 9-day queen because she managed to be in charge of Britain for 9 days before abdicating to Catholic Queen Mary. She survived another 3 months until Bloody Mary chopped off her head. She wanted to marry Prince Philip of Spain, you see, and nothing stands between Mary and her man.

Today is Sunday. We hope to bring her into the vet tomorrow and see what’s going on. The cat. Not the beheaded former-queen. I’m not completely daft.


In other news, I’m still fighting back a cold (allergies?). I’m not the only one. There are at least two others at work right now who are being challenged with the thing. Lots of medication gets me through the day, and lots of NyQuil got me through last night. It seemed to be  an agreeable thing, except for the heartburn. Nobody wants that.

I’ll be going into work in about 20 minutes, to cover for the other sick people on my staff. Ain’t being in charge fun?

Alexander is spending his spring break writing overdue papers. Well, he should be. What he’s really doing, it seems, is watching YouTube videos 24/7. He’s finished a couple projects and should be working on a third.

He needed a yardstick he told me, to write his physics paper. So, since I can’t drive (Thursday was a fluke), he’s out with Judi, buying one of those. I thought I had one someplace. I use it for when I crochet. It must have been lost in the move.

Well, that’s about it. Hope all is well with everyone out there. Happy Easter, if you celebrate. I’ve got a basket of jelly beans nearby.


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