Taking a Breather during the Night

It’s the first day of the new week. The younger kid is at school, and Judi is at work. The older kid is thumping around after having just made a bacon grilled cheese sandwich, probably getting ready for his first day back after Spring Break. But today is my Friday. I almost always work the weekend and often work the Monday and Tuesday following. Weekends at my store are grueling. We are often running like crazy from the beginning of my shift until we close the store.

Recently, due to the passing out at work thing, I’m not allowed to drive. When I can, I bum rides from fellow employees to get home, so as to alleviate Judi’s taxi services. It’s not fun. There’s a bus that runs by our house.  The trip to work that takes 10 minutes in a car requires an hour on the bus, and I’d arrive 40 minutes early for my shift.

A selfie just before I finally attempted to sleep on Thursday. It was taken in the pitch dark, with flash. My eyeballs just about turned inside out.

I had that second sleep study Thursday. It seemed on first glance, that the whole thing (Darth Vader oxygen mask+20 various scalp wires) helped. My airflow started out low, despite the forced air thingy. Around two, he almost woke me up to try another thing (called a BiPAP–not exactly sure what that is), but finally got my oxygen to level out. At one point my Blood-oxygen levels (supposed to be 90ish) dipped below 70. Basically I’m not sleeping. I’m just drifting in and out of catatonia. Catatonia: A new blending of California and Catalonian wines. One glass and you will sleep like the dead.

While I’m at work today, around 5:30PM, Judi will meet with the neurologist and get… we aren’t really clear. Sound advice? a sleep apnea machine? test results? An invoice? Maybe a prescription for the CPAP machine. I was quite befogged the last time I talked to the doctor, and thank God I had Judi to interpret for me or I would have never even noticed that we were supposed to show up on Monday at all. He spends more time in my appointment looking at her. Possibly because she is prettier to look at. More than likely it’s because I never seem to know what’s going on. So she will relay the information to me this evening, when she picks me up. I won’t bum a ride tonight.

In the meantime, I’m taking vitamin B12 supplements. During my hospital stay, blood tests determined that my vitamin B was deficient. It means I’m generally lethargic. No pep. A little down. Wikipedia tells me “At levels only slightly lower than normal, a range of symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and poor memory may be experienced. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause symptoms of mania and psychosis.” Basically, a bundle of fun symptoms, three of which I’m constantly on the look out for.

So, that’s my health update for the week. If I have any good news, I’ll post a brief blurb, but in general, I try to avoid writing this kind of blog. I’m sure I’ll feel better soon. I just had my Cheerios and Vitamin B supplement.



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