Going Back To Work.

Today’s the day. In around three hours, actually, I’ll be yanking the steam wand handle on the ol’ espresso machine. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to.

5. Pulling pastries out of the freezer.  No, really. It’s like a colon-cleanse, only for the mind. The process takes about forty-five minutes in all, as I check and double-check the numbers, and ensure our store has the 2-300 fresh pastries we need to sell the next day. It’s also where I passed out the other day. I want to kick the freezer’s butt.

4. My co-workers. They are good folks, and I like hanging around with them. They’re what make my day from unbearable to downright enjoyable. Most of the time.

3. My Boss. Yeah, I like my boss. He’s big, loud and makes stupid jokes. Sometimes he’s just a bit too off-color. He wants the place clean, all the time. That’s good. We are a business that serves food and beverages, and we’ve been waiting for the health inspector since September, so we’re all a little on edge.

2. Improving my skills. Doing something okay, and doing it even better the next time.  Doing something well, and doing it great the next time. I want to be the best at what I do, even if it’s just crushing ice or cleaning countertops.

1. My Customers. They’re great! They add spice to my mind-numbing day. I even like the annoying ones, most of the time. I consider it an enormous victory when I can make an unsmiling regular customer smile for the first time.

Of course, there’s stuff I won’t welcome.

5. Leaving home. I like being home. I like turning up my music loud, having my own schedule, and not worrying about when I need to be someplace. I like having the time to contemplate a blog. I even like washing dishes and vacuuming. I should do a little more of each, of course, but so could we all.

4. Checking My Life in At the Door. If I’m sad, or angry, or not feeling well, I want to allow my feelings to leave me the natural way. I can do this at home. I hate bottling up, even though I know it’s especially necessary at work. Everybody has their stuff. I don’t need to infect others with my sour mood. I always try to leave my home life at home. Most of the time, I’m even successful at scouring my real feelings in a situation. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

3. Managing time. I’m not bad at time-management, I generally get everything done, with help from my coworkers. But it’s necessary for me to get a long list of stuff done–administration, cleaning, double-checking, coaching, special projects, and be out a half hour after we lock the doors. Every 6 months or so, the company adds another 20-minute job into my profile that I somehow have to squeeze in every single day, but we still get the same amount of time to do all the the chores. Recently, I suspect because of my apnea, I’ve been missing stuff: simple things that I should be able to nail every day.  It stresses me out not to be good at something I know I should be able to do.

2. Cleaning bathrooms. I know. Nobody likes that. I don’t generally need to scrub out a public toilet, but a few times a week, it falls neatly onto the top of my portfolio. ‘Nuff said.

1. The Serial Pooper. The last few months, we’ve had someone at work who, weekly, decides to leave an enormous, uh, gift in the toilet for us maybe 5 or 6 times. I mean enormous. Think soccer cleat. Or meatloaf. Mister/Missus S-P (that’s short for Serial Pooper… Get it? I’m so good with initals!) generally toilet bombs in the afternoon or early evening which, 5 days of 7, is the shift I’m in charge. Since others need to keep the store running at the cash register or the bar, I’m generally the one who has to hold my breath, unclog the toilet and mop up a half-inch of standing water. This took 45 minutes once. It’s also a gruesome capstone to an otherwise fine day.

See you tomorrow, maybe? Perhaps I’ll post a blog in the morning and let you know how it went. How do your days go? Have you got a Serial Pooper too?


3 thoughts on “Going Back To Work.”

  1. I completely agree with #3, Brian. I worry I will forget things and that this will cause big problem s and let others down. Caring can be kinda exhausting!


  2. I thought that a serial pooper was someone who doesn’t flush their Lucky Charms. But then again my definition of the Yule log is slightly different than most others.


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