Sitting and Thinking

So, it’s been a long, long time since I wrote anything. Maybe a year; maybe more. Sorry for the delay, if my blog is something you read with any frequency.

Recently, I got a few unplanned days off, after I woke up from a brief blackout, with my head in the freezer at work.  After a quick break, and waking up again with my head plopped onto the keyboard, I decide (foolishly) to drive myself home to pick up my wife at home, and (smartly) to get myself to the ER.  Blacked out again on the way to the tube where they stick my brain and take pictures. On a seemingly unrelated note, all day my hand had been steadily losing grip. They moved me from the Emergency Room into Reston Hospital’s CardioVascularRecovery Unit at around 5:30PM on Saturday, February 27.

Then began a whole lot of tests.  Brain scans, heart scans. Ultrasounds on my neck to determine if any blood made it to my brain. I was constantly hooked to a cardiac monitor. Had my blood drawn 3 or 4 times. My blood pressure was checked every few hours to make sure my hemoglobin wasn’t spurting through the ceiling.

Me, after being hooked up to the EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram). Brains + Electrodes = Fun!

Blood draws are the worst. Even though I had overcome my fear of needles, but even with a catheter hanging there in my arm to reduce the number of overall punctures during my stay, I had trouble not curling into a fetal position and clenching every muscle in my body.

They put me on a heart-healthy, low-salt diet. Cottage cheese is neither, even though it’s probably the most innocuous dairy product on earth. Who knew? I had a salad. And chicken. And oatmeal. And turkey. and yogurt. and broccoli. coffee isn’t heart healthy like iced tea. I work for a coffee place. this could pose a problem to my lifestyle. My wife cheerfully kept me company all Sunday and made sure I didn’t sneak cheeseburgers from the hospital cafeteria.

My last test was a 45-minute long MRI of my brain and neck, around 1PM Sunday. Then we waited, bored, for the next 4 hours, to be released last night around 6:30. The cats were happy to see me. The boys were noncommittal. I’m welcome as long as I don’t hog the internet bandwidth.

Here is what we know.  All the tests have come back negative. It’s not a brain or a heart episode. It’s probably something more long term. They’re guessing it’s the start of diabetes, or sleep apnea, or a horrid combination of the two. Strangely, I was at the doctor Friday (the day before being admitted to the hospital), where he set in motion slowly-moving wheels to allow me to get a sleep test to check out my apnea.  I knew this might be a problem. I haven’t really slept well for over a year. In the pile of stuff my primary care physician had looked at, one was for a blood-glucose test. He loves to look at my cholesterol. I have pretty, pretty HDL.

That’s about all I know about my current health state.  I’m playing “shuffle the doctor’s appointments” for the next few days while I’m off work. I’m not cleared to drive. Maybe my sleep test will be expedited since this hospital episode. Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and well wishes, especially to my mom and dad, whom I don’t keep in contact with well enough.  I will probably use this post as a springboard to continue blogging.  Who knows.

We’ll get to the bottom of all this together.  Lord knows, the bottom is the only part the doctors HAVEN’T got to, in all this.




3 thoughts on “Sitting and Thinking”

  1. I agree with sudebaker !!! get well and it really sounds like you got a wake up call so to speak ! I have had super freaking high blood pressure and decided I didn’t like the meds they put me on ya dumb move ! needless to say do what they say don’t lie to the Dr and take your pills or test your sugar !! the other alternative I don’t think your ready yet for ! Write on again we have missed you !


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