Reaping and Sowing in Coffeeland

Well, there were lots of things to say, and I said very little of it last week. I’ve been wanting to blog since Wednesday but my computer has been in the throes of horrible, horrible death since early last week. I’m still putting final tweaks to it (seems the thing needs an operating system) and this blog is actually being typed on my netbook, which has been mostly co-opted by grumpy cat in his daily goings-on. It’s spring break. Reading is hard.
Otherwise, I’ve been pretty much working every afternoon/evening until 9:30, since Wednesday. Today is my last day of a six-day galumph through my work week; then I get two days off. Maybe I’ll clean the kitchen.

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. Being nice to people pays off.

I’m mostly nice to my customers and the people who work around me. At the very least, I do my best to not let my soul fill with sarcasm, which makes for bitter, but somehow very pleasant, coffee. At least on a personal level. Maybe nobody else likes their coffee filled with snark, but it suits me. Anyway.. that’s what I try not to do on a daily basis. I try greet everyone exuberantly, as I would or an old friend, minus the hugs maybe, and get my customers the beverages and foods of their choice. You know, to make their day better. What happens to my day isn’t necessarily of consequence because I’m the one providing the service here, but in general, my mood remains at an even keel, if not entirely better, because I’m a nice guy and they respond accordingly. Then they walk out of the store and I may not see them again for awhile, or even ever.

I don’t know much about my customers. Usually a first name. A preferred food or drink, perhaps. Sometimes I might know their place of employment or I may have met their spouse or other family member. But usually, the my connection to them ends when they walk out the door.

But sometimes… sometimes… your friendliness will pay dividends.

Here’s a little example. I was at Target, one town away from my coffee establishment, shopping for water filters. I don’t know how you spend your spare time, but when I think “spare time” I think “water filters.” Also, if you bash your filter 8 or 9 times against the kitchen counter, it tends to break. Who knew? Anyway, I was recognized by two employees at this store, including the guy who runs the in-store coffee place, who greeted me with “Hey! You’re the guy who works at the coffee shop!” Celebrity has its advantages. He let me pay full price for my drink! Ok. The discount wasn’t very good, but my point is… it could have been pretty decent. Not only did he give me my drink, he also threw in a free paper cup and plastic lid. It made carrying the thing to my car all that much easier!

Ok. Not a good example. But I am recognized in the area. I don’t want to be known as “that asshole in the coffee shop” and be treated like a plastic baggie of dog crap.

Here’s a better example. This week, I was speaking to a co-worker who told me, after months of stressing out about a custody battle for her children, the judge presiding over her hearing happened to be one of her regulars. The judge had actually met her children. That amicable, established relationship paved the way for my friend’s hearing. She ended up, based solely on her character (and ability to serve great coffee) being awarded her list of demands.

I was amazed. I shouldn’t have been. You reap what you sow, you know. Sometimes you even see its effects. Sometimes your moments of slinging coffee, or turning bolts under a car, or slapping out a blog in praise or defense of someone, will repay you in ways you never expected.

And that, my friends, is all I have to say on the subject today. Have a happy Monday. I hope you all paid your taxes on time. I’d hate to visit you in debtor’s prison.

Tune in for more bloggy fun tomorrow.


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