Random observations

Last night I had a friend tell me to keep blogging; she loved what I wrote yesterday. My first thought was “Blog again? I already blogged once this month!”

So I’m blogging twice.

Yesterday was Pie day (3.14.2014) and Judi got free pie to bring home from work.  Sugar free apple pie isn’t as good as it sounds. And it doesn’t sound that great.

A friend who is fighting with their sewing machine told me yesterday they were fussing with their buttonholer. Somehow that sounds way more pervy than it should. The ultimate bad bar pickup line. “Hey baby, wanna take me home and… fuss with your buttonholer?” Yeah. perpetually thirteen years old; that’s me.

I drove to Falls Church two days ago and saw a family dentistry van. My thoughts: Who would choose a dentist who operates from the back of a van? Maybe the same guy who buys do-it-yourself brain surgery kits.

I shaved with blacksoap yesterday because when your shaving cream is empty, it empties in a hurry, and with no warning! Blacksoap is made from banana peels and the stuff isn’t as slippery as you’d think. In fact it felt like someone dragged pumice around my face for twenty minutes.

Gunny sack is the most hilarious member of the sack family, just like Granny was the funniest Clampett. You don’t want to see a Gunny Sack Granny race. It’d be one flappy happening.

Guess who’s supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow on St Patrick’s Day? It was 70 degrees earlier in the week, followed by 19 degrees a day or so later. In between, we got thunderstorms. Our weather has been schizophrenic this year.

Sorry. That’s all I got. Time to pick up groceries. So, as Garrison Keillor tells us, “be well. Do good work, and keep in touch.”


3 thoughts on “Random observations”

  1. Also, I thought yesterday was PI day, (to be celebrated on 3/14 at 1:59 and 26 seconds, etc.) I guess pie is the best way to celebrate, really, although sugar free pie is a travesty. My general feeling for fat free/sugar free stuff is that if it isn’t worth risking your health over, it’s not worth having at all.


  2. I just the other day read a whole pile of your blogs at once, so it doesn’t feel like such a very long time since your last blog anyway, but I always enjoy reading them. I wish I had interesting things to blog about, but you have a great way of making even mundane things interesting to read. Also: buttonholing is going to become a thing; I can already tell.


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