Snowhere to Be Seen

“Grumpy cat?”

“Grumpy cat.”

“School’s closed–you don’t have to get up.”

That was 5:30 this morning. The Lady’s work is also cancelled, due to snow.

Yeah, snow. You know, that stuff we haven’t seen yet today.

A picture of what it looks like on our back porch right now. See? What'd I tell you! No snow!
A picture of what it looks like on our back porch right now. See? What’d I tell you! No snow! (You’ll just have to take my word for it).

The whole neighborhood’s coiled like a spring, ready to pounce on the nonexistent snow. I got up around 5:40, all pretenses of sleep abandoned, dressed, and went upstairs to back the car into our parking space (front-wheel drive, people), and put up the windshield wipers. Our condos were largely silent, but I could hear the hum of snowplows and salt trucks idling around the neighborhood

It’s supposed to arrive to make our days miserable (and our nights frigid) around 7:00AM, with the flaky brethren really hitting their stride around 10-11. I go to work around 1, and will be heading home around 9:30, right around the time the snowfall’s supposed to end. In all this time, they’re calling for 5-8 inches (13-20 cm).

Well, when I was a kid, they didn’t cancel school for a little thing like snow! In fact, it never really snowed. So, yeah, I’m a bit jealous. Now I’m all grown-up and have to be responsible and serve people beverages in really, really poor (currently nonexistent) weather.

I brewed myself a pot of coffee and am currently the only person awake in the house, except for our obnoxious cats, who deemed 5:30 far too late for reasonable people to be in bed.

And that, my friends, is why I’m writing a blog at 6 in the morning. Preventative car maintenance, and alerting the troops.

Ain’t nothin’ better.


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