Fifteen “Shuffled” Songs From My iTunes

Not a normal blog post per se, but I couldn’t figure out how to write a Note on Facebook anymore, so here they are.

My friend Craig is right. I think this list gives people a little glimpse into the soul of the shuffler.

I just took opened iTunes, hit shuffle and wrote out the results. I deleted a random audiobook chapter that somehow sneaked its way onto the list. It didn’t belong there anyhow.

Anyway… you should do the same. I’d be interested to see your lists.

15. Walk on By, Dionne Warwick
14. Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones
13. All Apologies, Nirvana
12. The Wanderer, Dion
11. Everly Brothers Intro, Simon & Garfunkel Old Friends Live
10. Flowers in Your Hair, The Lumineers
09. Who Wants to Live Forever, Queen
08. Days of Old, BB King & Eric Clapton
07. Remote Control, The Clash
06. Hold On, John Lennon
05. Good Day Sunshine, The Beatles
04. My Mummy’s Dead, John Lennon
03. Baby Baby Baby, Aretha Franklin
02. Return to Sender, Elvis Presley
01. Crazy Love, Poco


2 thoughts on “Fifteen “Shuffled” Songs From My iTunes”

  1. Brian, I also had audio book tracks sneak in so I just went down to the next selection.

    15. Fugitive Summer: Per Nørgård.
    14. Factory Girl: The Chieftans.
    13. Can She Excuse My Wrongs?: John Dowland (Perf. Sting).
    12. Canon Ode 9 Nativity of Christ: Archangel Voices.
    11. Pennsylvania Polka: Six Fat Dutchmen.
    10. Browning: William Byrd (Perf. The King’s Noyse).
    9. Symphony Nr. 87: FJ Haydn.
    8. Concerto Nr. 2 in G minor: Tomaso Albinoni.
    7. Ballade de Johny-Jane: Jane Birkin.
    6. Beautiful Alone: Strangelove (Shooting Fish soundtrack).
    5. The Hornburg: Howard Shore (Two Towers soundtrack).
    4. Cosette–Dans la vie: Fabien Guyon (Les Misérables – 1980).
    3. Captain Jinks: Riders in the Sky.
    2. Willow Weep for Me: Curtis Fuller
    1. Ring Around-A-Rosy Rag: Arlo Guthrie.

    A list likely to induce a headache, which is why I never turn on shuffle.


  2. I’ll share 🙂
    15. As Long As You’re Mine, Wicked-original cast
    14. Don’t Stop Believing, Journey
    13. Numb, Linkin Park
    12. It Don’t Mean a Thing(if it ain’t got that swing), Ella Fitzgerald
    11. Photograph, Def Leppard
    10. Ghost of a Rose, Blackmore’s Night
    9. Ok For a While, Absence of Concern
    8. What If You Don’t, Go Radio
    7. Through the Fire and Flames, Dragonforce
    6. Black Rose, Icon and the Black Roses
    5. Time in a Bottle, Jim Croce
    4. Ain’t No Grave, Johnny Cash
    3. Just Dance, Lady Gaga
    2. Lullaby, Gary Stadler
    1. Dance of the Manatee, Fair to Midland


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