Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes folks find commonalities in unexpected places. That’s why talking to people pays great dividends. No, I didn’t strike up a conversation with the spitting guy from the bus. I just had to ponder that thought for awhile. What if I had started talking to the spitting guy? What’s the worst that could have happened? His language was pretty ripe, even for a son of a logger. But, after all, so was the logger’s, and I turned out (mostly) okay didn’t I? I could have discovered that we both… I dunno… crochet? Drawing a blank here. My point is, learning more about a someone is almost always better than ignoring a them . If nothing else, it provides context for all the things you may hate about that person.

Still want to be that when I grow up.
Still want to be that when I grow up.

Today I’m driving Daniel all over creation because his bus pass expired. He has a class in Reston this morning, a class in Sterling this afternoon, and yours-truly provides the limousine service.

If Admiral Byrd flew over the Arctic Circle, and visited Antarctica, does that make him bipolar?

Bryan Adams would have been 9 years old in the Summer of ’69. If those were the best years of his life, I’d have hated to have been him

the next 45 years.


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