Fartin’ Around this Friday

Interesting quote: “Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.” We have Dana Carvey and Mike Myers to thank for that one.

My high school English teacher, Jim Walker, told me never to begin an essay with a quote. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not writing an essay!

So, happy Friday ladies & gents!

I’m mostly recovered from the bus debacle from yesterday. I came home, fell asleep for about 10 minutes while watching Mythbusters with Daniel (the “Sithbusters” episode), picked up Judi from work, started dinner, and realized, hey, where’d all the frigging light go? It was dark outside. I finished a lovely plate of spaghetti with sauce-from-a-jar, and, folks, I still decided to run.

I've been in meetings I *wish* had ended this way.
I’ve been in meetings I *wish* had ended this way.

It was dark. It was cold. I managed to do 3 km (1.85 miles) in 30 minutes. A quick disclaimer for those who wonder why I’m still lumbering along at this elephantine (16 minute mile) pace: my “run” includes a 5-minute warm-up and cool-down period during which I walk, and 20 minutes where I alternate between running and walking, 2 minutes each. I’m going to continue this cycle, and slowly pick up the pace until I can run the whole 20 minutes without barfing. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Then I came home and blogged about our bus ride from hell.


I tell you this because I need a hug because I ran (yet I DO! I DO need a hug!), but because I spent years—decades even— ignoring my inner workaholic, I’m quite adept at the welcoming the Procrastination Beast.

I didn’t want to run. It was sub-freezing. I don’t adapt well to cold. I did it anyway, and I was glad I did.

I didn’t want to blog. The afternoon kind of sucked. I don’t adapt well to routine. I did it anyway, and was glad I did.

I also studied my five languages at Duolingo, which I have been pecking away at for over a year now. I am trying to be—what’s the phrase I’m looking for—Responsible? Attentive to detail? Anal?

I don’t know how good I am at any of this stuff. I’m on my second cup of coffee. School buses were delayed by two hours today so when Alex marched in at 6:48 and said he had missed the bus (which, I have to admit, he’s never done) I was alarmed. I threw on sweat pants, and then pants, and then a shirt, and another shirt, and then a coat. Then we realized the freezing rain made everything slow down. We usually get a text message from the Powers-At-the-Schools-Who-Control-the-Weather. Not today.

It is slippery out there. Alex left to catch bus at 8:30. I dropped Judi off at work. Daniel just woke up, said “Hi, Dad!” and went back to bed.

I need to do a bit of grocery shopping today. Maybe later. Today’s my day off, and I don’t need to run again until tomorrow. I also figure that, after my self-aggrandizing homily about being responsible,  I deserve awhile to just relax and become a very still, like a self-loathing turnip. I mean, hey, cut me a break! All this writing stuff is harder than it looks!


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