2013, and Stuff

Yes it's a recent selfie. Taken about a month ago.
Yes, it’s a selfie. Taken about a month ago, for people who would rather not forget what I look like.

I’ve been staring at the blank screen for a couple minutes now, trying in vain to start typing. April 30th was my last post which, in dog time, is about 5 years. I’m saying goodbye to 2013, which wasn’t all bad, but which I didn’t particularly want to communicate about. It was pretty monotonous. Wake up, drink a cup of coffee, go to work, make 1000 more cups of coffee, leave work, go to bed and dream about making 1000 more cups of coffee, usually incorrectly, usually with plenty of enthusiastic customer rage to accompany my dream-mistakes. Then I do it all over when I wake up.

I had convinced myself my lack of blogging was because I had nothing going on. This was partially true. But, you see, sometimes a job has a way of grinding down your soul. I wasn’t totally ground (ha! grounds! I work at a coffee place. It’s a joke, see…), but 2013 did make me doubt myself. Here I was, a career librarian, without a library. I felt defeated, having applied for literally hundreds of local library/information science jobs over the prior year. I stopped running in November 2012 when I strained a knee and had the beginnings of plantar fasciitis in my left heel. By February I had pretty much healed, but was scared to run again. So, much like my blog, I just gave up. I felt like a quitter. A big fat coffee-serving, World-of-Warcraft-playing non-jogging quitter.

What happened to the happy, active, unemployed blogging maverick-that-was-me from 2012? Well folks, he had to make peace with himself.

The last three months I have been in training for a shift supervisor position at a local coffee shop. About a month ago, I was officially promoted to that status. I no longer dream about messing up peoples’ drinks; instead I have nightmares in which I leave the safe open, or spectacularly fail a health inspection on my watch.

However, like most things I put my mind to, I’ve managed not to make complete hamburger of my situation. Things are running pretty well. When I leave, the store is (mostly) pretty clean. I think the staff I supervise is responding well to me, although I probably just bug the hell out of them. We are learning together. I am learning to manage my time better, to be sure all our daily tasks are complete, even when we have a long line and other things on our mind. They are learning to put up with me and my nervous habits. I simply have to keep reminding myself that my whole job is about keeping our customers happy and safe, and everything should all fall into place.

So here it is. My first blog in eight months. It’s not the most exciting one but, face it, I’m not leading the most exciting life nowadays. Who knows, maybe inspiration will strike me in the middle of the night, and I’ll write my 100,000 word novel. Until then, I’ll just keep making drinks, and I’ll be sure not to cut all my readers out of the loop. Good? Good!

Happy 2014, all! May it be 2,014 ways better than our previous year. If you are asleep and hung over, and have your phone set to auto-poke you when I’ve posted, I apologize. If your phone isn’t set up that way, make sure and do that! Thanks for reading. I love you all!


2 thoughts on “2013, and Stuff”

  1. My comment is going to be substantially less interesting than your blog post – but suffice to say that it’s good to hear you’re doing well, and are progressing in your mission to keep America caffeinated.


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