A Bunch of Thursday Thoughts… on Friday.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to fit your head inside a Pringles can. Unless, of course, you’re this ferret. tumblr_m7vooj91KK1rrnvgfo1_500.jpg (500×424)I may not know many things, but I know that. Something else I know? John C Calhoun was a famous states’ rights advocatin’ pro-slavery pro-secession South Carolinian. He also started the “I’m batshit crazy” Party. You can tell from this photo:

 Granted, I think somebody actually photoshopped his eyes to make them even whiter, thus even batshit CRAZIER.  Still, the guy had the crazy-ass neck hair thing goin’ on. Kinda like yours truly.

Incidentally, if you began reading today’s blog thinking I actually had something interesting or informative to say, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I’ve been listening to Art Tatum recently. The last few weekends, I’ve been watching the 10-volume PBS series “Jazz” by Ken Burns. Art Tatum was a pianist who was, from an early age, hailed as the jazz pianist. Blind from birth, he was ousted from a conservatory for listening to that Jazz music. His technique is unsurpassed. His runs and triplets make him sound as if there are several pianists  playing simultaneously. He changes key deftly, without hesitation. Even in the 1950s, critics hailed him as 40 years ahead of his time. Just listen to him play “Over the Rainbow” in 1939 (the same year Judy Garland made it famous). Nobody–not even other jazz musicians were playing with such precision, dissonance and thoughtfulness. It wasn’t until folks like Miles Davis in the late 1950s that the rest of the Jazz scene was catching up with this visionary.

Also, I like pie. I prefer it to cake. Pie is good. Verrrry good.

Hm. I’ve run out of words. I’ll write again some other night. See y’all soon!


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