A Late Winter Walk

Oh, by the ever-lovin’ electric noseplugs of Jezebel, my ears hurt right now!


I just went on a walk around the lake. The complete circuit, from my home and return, is 2 miles, thereabouts. It’s still winter. It snowed a couple inches yesterday morning, and the rains took it away. This morning it was so foggy I couldn’t see the front door of workplace from the parking lot. Then it burnt off. It was about 60ish. Beautiful.

But oh, the wind!

It's a bug.
It’s a bug.
Weirdly random statue. It always makes me hungry for eggs.
Weirdly random statue. It always makes me hungry for eggs.

I remember as a kid hating being forced to run because of the wind. My ears would ache, my side would stitch up, and I’d have to pee. I’d breathe like a guppy who leapt out of the bowl and onto the counter. Not David and James. They were natural runners, both of them. But I wasn’t them. I felt more comfortable with a good book, than a doubleshot of runner’s high.

I forgot how painful runners’ ear aches can be. I need a stocking cap 😛

That said, it is beautiful out. The wind blew waves onto the lake, and whipped stuff into  frenzy. I had to pee about halfway through the circuit. Of course. Isn’t that the always the way bladders work?

I angered a customer today out of stupidity. I think I smoothed things over. I thought about that while I walked. Then I thought about the wind, and then my bladder again. And oh, the earache! I have a sick friend who was in the hospital for testing. Maybe the earache was worth suffering. At least I don’t have to have a blood test.

I saw a goose and a bug.

They lay golden eggs dontcha know.

It’s my second walk of the year. I hope to have many more, and start losing weight again. Springtime in Virginia, I gotta say, makes the rest of the year not-too-bad!

New Growth
Late Winter Flowers

5 thoughts on “A Late Winter Walk”

  1. she should start saving your beard and make a beanie out of that ! I knew a old hippie couple back in the day and his old lady made his beard into a very fine beanie 🙂


  2. Love how you say things…your opening line,…your need for eggs when you see the sculpture! You never fail to make me laugh!


  3. Bet your talented wife could whip up a stocking cap for ya! 😉 Nice photos…felt like I was on the walk right along with you…except for the cold ears. 🙂 Keep writing…and walking!


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