Happy first-of-January, 2013. I sort of told myself I would try to be more consistent blogwise, so here goes. Wish me luck. keep pestering me when I don’t blog. It might not help, but you never know…

It’s been two years and two days since I began this blog in 2010. It was a New Year’s resolution to make myself a better, and more consistent, writer. I think, to some extent, my experiment actually worked, although my writing has been patchy throughout this time. So, I guess, since everyone else is making resolutions, why not me…?

I’ve got to keep losing weight. This isn’t easy for me. I hurt my knee (strained a ligament somewhere deep inside) Novemberish, and have been quite nervous about getting back in my jogging shorts. Before I monkeyed it up, I was consistently running three or four miles a few times a week. Then I got a bit gunshy. I had a run and was in screaming pain for about 5 days, and limping pain for another week or so. I didn’t want to repeat that particular experience. Well, now it’s cold outside. It hardly ever gets above 45 degrees. In the morning, which is my best running time, it’s seldom warmer than 30. I have a confession: I like to be warm. I don’t drive the car with the window down. I don’t run in cold weather. I have to make myself get back in the joggin’ world.

Also… at work, I need to remain… dunno. A bulwark? An example? I need to act my age, and not my shoe size, as they used to say in elementary school. I’ve received a number of compliments for my “output”. As long as I’m Starbucks-side, I want to keep being super, and I want to give myself a chance to really understand the fundamentals of the coffee business. I can’t spend the rest of my life making $8.50 an hour (plus maybe $40 in tips a week). Not when I’m nearly 45 years old.

I need to keep looking for a library job. ‘Nuff said.

I need to be the best friend, father and husband I can be.

Also, I want to finish watching the current span of Dr Who episodes this year. Not a resolution, but it’s fun. it’s something Daniel and I do, and recently, Alex has joined us.

Well, that’s about it for today. I hope you all have an amazing 2013. If there’s any way I can make it a better one, be sure to let me know.


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