Thanksgiving is this week. We should be thankful, and I am, of course. I was racking my brain for songs about this time of year, and I suddenly realized one has been stuck in my mind all day long. Here’s a clip of two rather famous blokes singing and dancing to this particular “brainworm”:

My own personal brainworm.

Why is this important? well, it’s NOT, of course, but when you have a song vying for top priority with other things in your mind, you have to let everyone else know it. It’s sort of like singing “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am…” until people want to pummel you with things they bought in a hardware store.

Do you ever have bainworms? I really doubt you can live in the US and *not* get songs stuck in your head. We are constantly immersed in a culture of music. At work, for the last month, THIS song has been playing, sometimes I hear it two dozen times a day:

Know it?

Louis Prima, for those who don’t know it, is famous for the Benny Goodman standard “Sing, Sing Sing”, and for 45 years of kids, being the voice of King Louie in the Disney feature “The Jungle Book”.

So, that’s what’s on my mind. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to some of these, but they’re always on my mind. Whatchya gonna do. When you got a brainworm, you got one. Now there’s something *everyone* can be thankful for, on this week of Thanks!

Maybe I’ll have something more relevant to post some other day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and blessings on all of you, if I don’t post a blog before then!

Share a few musical “worms” of your own! I’d be delighted to hear what you’re listening to, and what you wish you WEREN’T listening to!

(FYI — just take a moment and listen to Gene Krupa’s drumwork on the “Sing Sing Sing” track I posted. He is the foundation for all modern drummers, whether they realize it or not. Simply amazing.)


3 thoughts on “Earworm!”

  1. He (Krupa) is amazing! My mom had that record. Maybe that’s what inspired my brother? My particular earworms right now are the songs we’re doing for our Christmas program at church. I wake up with them in my head. And for most of them, I’m not even in the group that will be singing them!


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