It’s not that big a deal so far, but you should have seen the people clamoring for their last taste of Starbucks this morning. Wowie. People are piggish in their need for caffeine. I can tell you this because of course YOU aren’t piggish in your need for caffeine. It’s the other people. At first I thought we were going to have a quiet day, making a few drinks for a few regulars, all before 9:00AM, for the folks who absolutely had to get to work on this stormy day. It was like a Saturday or a Sunday, our busiest days of the week. People coming in as whole families, to celebrate their free day off and drink espresso beverages before the big winds hit.

Most people will come in and order their drink, stand for a few seconds and take off. Today, with the rains getting more and more steady, and the wind blasting through the shopping center, people were reluctant to leave the store.  Many would walk in with an order for four or five of their friends or family members. We were understaffed. The muckymucks called the store at 1, just when the winds were beginning to pick up. They told us to close the store at 2 PM. Immediately customers went into a feeding frenzy, and we had a line of 10 people until 2PM, ordering mostly frappucinos (blended milkshake-like drinks), which are more time-consuming to make than the usual espresso beverage. This kept us busy until two o’ clock on the nose. Then we cleaned the store, to make ready for it being possibly vacant for the next 2 days while the storm blows itself out.

I’m home now. Everything is fine here.  Te rain has lessened, but the wind is really hissing through the trees. I’ll be cooking dinner soon. We still have power and water, and internet. We were just told that we are under “flood warning until Tuesday, at 1:06 AM” which is oddly specific.

Ahhh storms are fun… We have the curtains wide open and are watching the leaves blow sideways through the neighborhood.  I’ll write another post if the Internet goes out. 😉


3 thoughts on “Hurricane”

  1. I enjoy wild weather way too much. It has something to do with getting out of the ordinary – seeing all that power up close has something of the transcendental in it.


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