Setting the tone

I’m sure I can think of something to post if I ramp up. I’ve had two days off the computer, although I’ve used my cell phone a lot like the computer, I haven’t mastered the habits of a true two-thumb dissertation typist.

Well? Care for one? (this is NOT what I said, if you were wondering…)

I have my moments. If I make it sound like my Starbucks is all rainbows and ranch dressing, trust me–it’s not the case.  Each day is a challenge to keep my mood in check.  I mentioned a few posts ago that, much like the Blues Brothers, I am on a Mission from God. I decided to make Starbucks the place where I learn to control my temper, to calm down, to take things as they come, and to immediately smile my way into a better mood. I had my resolve sorely tested the other morning, over something almost as trivial as spilt milk. I ended up shout-whispering at another employee at the store. To my relief, I mended fences quickly. I shook hands and got on with my day, but I was seconds from walking out and never coming back. I dreamed about the altercation that night.

When will I ever learn that humility is a better path than rage? When will I learn that a soft answer turns wrath away? Sticks and stones, heavy objects like pianos  and Acme safes, all these break my bones.  But words… Yeah. They hurt too.

I’ve learned to moderate my words somewhat. I should learn to let the words of other people blow over me like an autumn breeze (unless that’s the name of a brand of Massengill douche, then forget it.)

So, yeah. I was tested. I pulled it together–but only barely. It must have bugged me more than I realized, because someone later that day called me “an inspiration” and I felt both guilty and a little proud all over again.  What kind of inspiration defends his own interests rather than keeping peace? Yet, hey… SOMEONE is noticing.

A group of Starbucks muckymucks (‘Bucks Mucks?) were having a meeting in our back room today. I heard one say “the shift supervisor sets the tone for the whole store.” THAT is a statement I agree with. I’m not a shift supervisor although I used to be one). Yet, that statement is also my mission, as the oldest, and most adorable dude in the store, even if I struggle to keep doing it.  Hey. It never hurts to have an unachievable goal, right?


2 thoughts on “Setting the tone”

  1. Not unachievable, my friend. You will get it, if you want it. And yes, I’d like an extra shot of sunshine-spangled sparkles, please!

    Seriously. You rock 🙂


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