All About the ‘Bucks.

This is my second time working at starbucks. the first time was for a couple years, a couple years ago. I began working in September, after finally deciding I needed to get out of the house and stop moping. As I may have mentioned before, I took a rather hefty cut in takehome pay once I began working again. But unemployment insurance runs out, and the whole concept makes a person feel like their soul is being slowly squeezed out of them–like a frosting tube by a master pasty chef–until nothing is left but the sad remains of something that used to be really good.

Speaking of pastries, that’s what I do in the morning.  I get up at 4AM, shave and shower, tidy up the kitchen, and head out the door.  Black or khaki pants, black or white shirt with a collar, and the ever-present green apron. Oh. And a black hat (or visor… I hate visors personally) with the Starbucks Siren logo planted on your forehead like the mark of the Beast.

I’m usually at work around 4:55, and I put all the pastries inside the refrigerated case.  Scones, bagels, sweet bread, donuts… all that. We also sell toasted breakfast sandwiches (like the McDonalds’ Egg McMuffins, only better). So, I’m in charge of all the food.  Usually eveything is set up by 5:30, when we open our doors.  Then I run a cash register, make drinks, spill coffee, keep folks happy and the pitchers full of half-and-half.

But most importantly, I maintain my attitude.  I tell myself every morning “this is exactly where I need to be, and what I am doing right now is the best thing I could possible be doing right now.” and I move ahead.  I was in the market for a major attitude adjustment, to be honest. It ain’t easy for me.  I was always of the opinion that if you were in a bad mood? let ‘er rip. kinda like a fart.  It’s bad to keep all those bad humours stored up inside.

But my opinion has changed about that. I discovered I can actually change the mood of the entire store, based on my mood. This goes for co-workers, and customers.  If I make my day excellent, OTHER peoples’ days will also be excellent.

It isn’t foolproof.  Someone will always be douchey. Someone will always be having worse problems than can be solved by a smile and a pleasant greeting. But I do my best, as I serve coffee drinks and make peoples’ days, hopefully, a slightly better one.  I think that’s what, in church terms, they call a ministry.


4 thoughts on “All About the ‘Bucks.”

  1. Good to see you back at the keyboard, Brian. I’ll be curious to see whether your musings on Starbucks tempt me away from Tully’s (I type as as sip my bedtime chamomile tea from a NYC SBUX mug).


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