I’m baaaaaaaack…

May 20 was the last time I wrote a blog. I was in the throes of unemployment at that point; exactly halfway through my nine-month stint as a nonworking adult–it was a feat that would leave most adults sobriety challenged. I managed to make it through on top.

I’m baaaaack. Go ahead! Believe it, people!

I am currently working for a coffee shop again. More on that later I suppose.  For the time being, let me just say that being unemployed–and drawing unemployment insurance–got me almost twice as much money as my current job.

That said, I enjoy it! I think the employees and customers (mostly) like me, and I’m pretty good at my work.

Because I was down and out, I stopped writing. Hopefully, being up and in, I can START writing again.

This is a portent of things to come.

Also, it’s my first blog in 5 months, so cut me a little slack here 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaack…”

  1. Yeah! Coffee is wonderful, and so are you. Glad you are baaaaaaack to writing. I know that you are not ‘just’ a barista, as I am not ‘just’ a dispatcher, because we put our hearts into what we do. It doesn’t matter WHAT we do; if we do it well, we enjoy it and pass on the love to our customers. That’s satisfying. I don’t care who ya are! 😉 Love ya, man.


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