Bad Back.

Where did my blog go? I always have some lazy excuse-0r-other. Since Saturday, I’ve had a tweaked, messed-up, painful pain in the back. I’ve slept maybe six hours in the last two nights as I tossed and turned and rolled and a knot the size of a peach pit (or a golf ball–why do they always measure lumps in fruit, or ball, sizes?) keeps me awake and in constant pain.

Lying down doesn’t help at all. Being in bed actually makes it worse. Sitting still helps, as straight as I possibly can, helps for awhile, but I’ve never been that great at posture.  So I made a doctor appointment. I can’t get in to see him until Wednesday morning at 10. I hope that the pain will subside in the meantime, so I can get some sleep.

Cooking dinner right now. Alex is watching Pokémon on his computer (I’d hate to tell him the show was made for 8-12 year olds, since he loves it so much), but I wonder what his classmates would think if they knew this fourteen year old boy was watching that silly cartoon.

Judi just got home with a heating pad she purchased from the pharmacy. Cold doesn’t work, except to make me cold. That’s about all. Gonna go try out the new heating thing, and see what becomes of my knots. Have a good day, all, and try not to get into too much trouble while I’m away.


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