…and the Great Groundhog Rises from the Turnip Patch…

What’s YOUR favorite holiday of the year? I mean, any fool can pick Arbor Day or Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day… Takes considerable chutzpah to choose a holiday based on a rodent. I know, because I did exactly that. Today is Groundhog Day. No more pretenses. No more silliness.  This here is One. Important. Holiday.

And not just because some small town in Pennsylvania (which sounds suspiciously like a frat-boy’s name for oral sex) woke up a sleeping marmot to make sure the poor critter could see his shadow.

20 years ago, on this very day, I got down on my knee in front of Judi in Don Ryall’s living room (I interrupted the movie he and Celeste Sampson were watching) and asked her to marry me. Celeste initially was affronted, and thought I was behaving rudely, just to interrupt a movie–until she realized it was the real thing. Judi said yes, by the way. We were both still quite young then. Wow, we were young. I called all my parents and all my grandparents, and a few of hers. Asked her father’s permission and everything, on the phone at least–they were a couple hundred miles away.

Sometime in the melee–it seemed I spent hours on the phone–I spent the rest of the evening, kind of in a haze. I don’t remember what happened after that. I never did see a shadow. Turns out, this was an okay response.

Now, 20 years later, we’re still going strong. I wish Don Ryall were here. We’d take him out to celebrate–Mexican food or something, and margaritas. Claire wasn’t there, but we’d invite her, too. We love Claire and Claire loves… well… margaritas 🙂

If you see Judi online, be sure and tell her that The Guy still loves her (she’s sitting a good 20 feet away, and I’m kinda busy here to be talking about love and stuff… she might get all grossed out), and also tell her that Groundhog Day is still her favorite day of the year. Helluva movie, too. Maybe I’ll watch it, to celebrate.


3 thoughts on “…and the Great Groundhog Rises from the Turnip Patch…”

  1. Punxsutawney Brian doesn’t have quite the same ring, but I like you just fine anyway. :). You’re the yang to my yin, the apple in my pie and the groundhog in my day. You complete me. Here’s to the next 20!


  2. Yay! I love a good romantic story 🙂 And I’m going to watch it tonight, too! You just gave me another reason to celebrate Groundhog Day.


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