And the Resolution Goes To…

I’ve never been one to make New Years Resolutions. Somebody, the other day asked me why not, after she told me she gives them a lot of thought this time of year. I’m not sure. It’s possible I don’t want anyone to catch me failing. It’s easier to slide through life with no goals or objectives–daresay dreams–than to have them crushed?

But in 2011 I made a promise, and a resolution. I promised myself, in the vaguest terms possible, that I’d be a better person, husband, father and friend. In my mind, this meant giving myself to other people, when they wanted me. I suppose my goal was met with varying degrees of success, depending on the person I was interacting with. I’m not one to judge whether I was a better person to others. I can only try, and hope.

My resolution was this blog.  I wanted to blog frequently in 2011, and to become accustomed to writing again. It turns out I  blogged 4 days out of every 7, and this would have been a few more if I hadn’t taken my 45 day sanity break toward the end of the year. Looking back, I felt disappointed in myself with this fairly-stellar number, despite receiving a large monetary gift as a direct result of my writing, and numerous encouraging remarks from people all over the world. My readership is good–I’ve had 15,000 unique visits to my blog December 31.

My question, I guess, is why am I disappointed in myself? The goal I set in my mind was 2 days out of 3 (I’d have needed 240 posts). So, why my funk? I guess it’s the writer’s plight, never feeling that enough has been done. I am not an editor (as anyone who reads this blog can have guessed). I simply write and hit “Publish”. Later, I sift through the errors as I re-read. My writing isn’t exactly sloppy. I just get excited at the prospect of sharing. I should sit on a blog for a day or so, re-read, and correct.

So my resolutions this year? This may be the first time I’ve publicly shared such things.

Well, I want to improve my foreign language vocabularies, particularly in French, which I speak, and Spanish, which I don’t. Sometime this year, the crowd-sourced language learning platform will be embarking on a project to translate the entirety of the web into different languages (see their website for more information, or the recent TED talk delivered by Luis von Ahn for more information). I have jumped the gun, and have been visiting two sites — and — to improve my work.

I’m also faced with the task of finding a new job. This will happen in 2012; it’s inevitable. I want it to be a job I love, which allows me to find value by serving others.

I want to continue this blog. I need to write, rain or shine, high or low. I need it to become part of my fabric, rather than a task I force myself to do. I’m still shooting for that 2 days of 3 thing this year.

I want to clean up my life, and our house, to streamline our living and expenditures.

Well, that’s about it. In the broadest strokes, you’ve just seen the sorts of posts I’ll be blogging this year. I hope my 2012 is as productive and happy as yours will be.


5 thoughts on “And the Resolution Goes To…”

  1. Thanks for putting your resolutions in writing. It is daunting to have others in on the accountability. I’m excited about what 2012 has in store for you and me 🙂


  2. Sigh. It’s nice to be reading your writing again! Happy New Year…sounds like we may have done a Vulcan mind-meld re: the resolutions, although I didn’t technically ‘make’ any! 😉 Happy January 2nd. I will be sending good thoughts your way as you search for your job!


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