Looking Back (2011)

So… Looking back:

I went to work a couple hundred times.

I blogged 210 times.

I strengthened a few friendships, and ruined a couple others.

I read 50 books.

I grew a beard. I shaved it off. I grew it back as quickly as I could.

I flew to Austin, TX for a conference.

I visited Craig and Kris (hi guys!)

I had my 25th High School Reunion in Gold Beach, Oregon, and visited some old friends.

I visited Don and Claire (Hi Claire! And $25 goes to the person who manages to get Don to read my blog…) and lots of other friendsin Santa Cruz, CA.

I learned I’ll be a great uncle in April!

I wrote a longish short story (if you want to read it, send me your email in a private message, and I’ll send you a copy) and a few poems.

I lost my job–it was like falling in slow motion–just in time for Christmas.

But I landed on my feet and here I am.

Welcome to 2012, folks!


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