January the First (Take Two)

So,  I’ve been a naughty, naughty boy, and haven’t updated this blog since November 15, leaving you folks roughly 45 days of talking amongst yourselves, and wondering what the hell ol’ Brian’s doing with his finger up his nose, and not typing. Since I was so awful at posting updates recently, and since it’s January 1st, I thought I’d plunk myself down and write up a few thoughts. This officially begins the second year of my blog.

Asleep yet?

First: Happy new year! Oh. And I’ve been unemployed for four days. For those of you who follow my blog, and give a crap about such things, yes I thought my last day would be November 29: it turns out my term on a 13-month cycle, so my offical last day was December 28. I think that’s the main reason my blog has been so pathetic recently.  I tried to stay upbeat, but this kind of thing really weighs down on you.  I’ve applied to about 15 places. So far, nothing good has come of it, except 2 rejection letters and a lot of HR silence at various libraries within a 200 mile radius of Northern Virginia.

I just returned from the great state of Missouri, where my parents-in-law live, for a Christmas and birthday celebration. (Not Jesus’ birthday, although that was in the works too: my Mother-in-law and son Alex both had birthdays). A wonderful time was had by all. My big Christmas present was a digital camera. I’ve never had one of these before, except in the form of a cell phone that also snaps pictures. If you visit my Facebook page, you’ll see the approximately 300 pics I took during the 5 days span I was in Missouri. Also, thanks to gift cards (I *love* gift cards!) I bought some music yesterday. I’ve been a digi-pirate for a few years now, and a couple months ago, had a twinge of guilt. I deleted all my pirated music and began replacing it with purchased tracks.

For 1 penny (I had to charge it to my credit card! no joking) and my Christmas gift cards, I bought all this:

Have I ever mentioned that I love the discount racks at Best Buy? 🙂 For a few years, I’ve been joking that I only listen to music that had been recorded on 8 Track.  I’d like you to notice Prince, Nirvana, and The Stone Roses as examples of tunes that were recorded way after 8 Track Technology had its heyday, and Bo Diddley, whose recording time was way BEFORE 8-track.  See? I’m progressive!

I flew home on the 28th of December, and cleaned out the remainder of my cubicle on the 29th.  I got walked out by my boss. She looked like she wanted a hug when I left. She didn’t get one. Judi and the boys are still in Missouri, and are looking forward to me picking them up at the airport tonight around 6:30ish. The cats should be happy to see them.  They alternately loved, and hated me for leaving them alone when I arrived on the 28. I think they just wanted their litter box cleaned out.

I may not be popular with local employers, but family stuck at airports (and cats stuck in a house for 4 days) absolutely adore me!

Later folks!  Blessings on this first day of 2012!


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