Like a zombie…

It’s been eleven days since I posted a blog.  I’ve been lethargic, and have been generally lethargic, as well. I’ve been filling my time with my newest hobby (I’ve been working on it a couple years actually) learning the ins-and-outs of graphics-editing programs like Photoshop. I’m using a Unix-clone called Gimp (it’s free; don’t pick on me!) and doing my best to educate myself, all for the purpose of painting over images of my  sons and making them look like zombies. I started the hobby before Halloween and now it’s a bit late. I suppose I could turn them into angels or demons as well, but, well, zombies were more Holiday-appropriate.

We’re also trying a new hobby at home, called “keep the kitchen clean.” It seems to work better on days when Judi or I are in the kitchen, and far, far worse when the boys are in the kitchen. This theme also plays into the zombie metaphor–messy eaters, those guys.

I’ve also been nursing either a cold or allergies and trying to concern myself with the ins and outs of when (and when not) to take NyQuil, and when Mucinex isn’t the best bet, and when Claritin should be taken, so as not to make me pee five times during the night. Oh, the joys of being 40.

So, generally, I’m blah. Gray of skin; considerable pallor. Gray of mood. Considerable pallor, like a zombie I am. Autumn’s well on its way. The leaves that were vivid reds and yellows a couple weeks ago  are turning orange and looking burnt.  Many of the trees are losing them fast.

And now I’m back. I was at a staff meeting. An hour+ of non-information that could have been relayed to us in an email. Now I’m back at my desk, looking through the emails, where the non-information wasn’t relayed to us.

Not much more to say, this fine Monday. I’ll see what I can do to get this blog livened up again, and a little less, uh, zombielike.


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