News from Thursday.

Welcome to the fourth (or fifth, depending on how you count) day of the week. There’s not much going on today. I’m still on a job hunt, with a few leads here and there. I’m having a tougher time than usual giving a flying poo about my job.

Cousin Minnie

I’m ashamed to admit that I forgot to celebrate Minnie Pearl’s birthday on Tuesday.

He's a mentor.

I did, however, remember Weird Al’s birthday on Sunday. I celebrated it by having a very odd dream about him. We were sharing a limo with Roger Ebert. Who knows why… I do follow them on Twitter, but, whatever.

I was caught licking my plate today. I really don’t do this all too often, but I was at work, and had a plate of biscuits and gravy, and an egg.  I did what I could with a spoon but there was still yolk-and-gravy goodness to be had. Someone at work walked by and said “what the world? Are you a dog or something?” I covered nicely by saying “Licking the plate clean!” My subconscious was thinking “I couldn’t throw that in my trash can at work… it would get the thing all sticky!” My conscious was thinking “What kind of fool licks his plate?” THIS kind of fool, folks. And I’m not a dog. Dogs are way, way classier than I am.

The view from Skyline Drive

An old school friend has been in Virginia since Friday. Together, we visited Mount Vernon, and toured Virginia’s famous Skyline Drive through the Appalachians in order to see the Fall Colors. On Wednesday, I had a job interview (I’m not wanting to get my hopes up, so I won’t talk about that just yet) and spent much of the day touring Washington DC. It rained all afternoon. I had a great lunch at Georgia Brown’s, a fine restaurant that serves Southern food.  I had fried green tomatoes and Perleau. I like visiting guests and sightseeing, but it wears me out as much as being on a vacation of my own.

Mount Vernon

I could use a nice long nap. Or two nice long naps.  I’m not usually a slacker like this. Really. I’m gonna grab some more coffee and keep my fingers crossed about finding another job out there. I might even cross my toes, if it doesn’t cause my feet to cramp up.


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