Gray Day

I’m feeling kind of down today. I don’t know why. It happens, you know? The green tree outside my office is turning a funky shade of orange. We slept with the window open last night.  A cat jumped on my face, in its scramble to eat a midnight squirrel-snack. The sky is gray and I heard it’s going to rain. Maybe I just want to get a good sulk on.

Today was my annual physical. I got a Tetanus/Whooping Cough Vaccine because I hate  getting lockjaw and dying of whooping cough. They also took 3 vials of blood out of me because nothing screams “fun!” to me like being penetrated  by needles.  Speaking of penetrating, my prostate is healthy, but on the large side. I didn’t even get a lollipop.

I was quiet this weekend–It was one of those 3-day weekends. I don’t think I ever got Columbus Day when I lived in California. I lay low (isn’t it grammatically correct to say “lie” low?) and didn’t chat much online. I played a lot of video games, which is a form of escaping for me, and thought about writing. I didn’t actually write, ostensibly because it was a weekend and I needed a break. In truth, I’m not sure why I didn’t write. Laziness, I guess.

I cleaned the dining room on Monday morning, and Alex attempted to cook two crock pot meals. They turned out pretty well. It helped a lot, because I didn’t have to cook. He was sort of nervous at first; worried about little things like how long you should brown meat before it’s brown, and stuff. Still, I was doldrums. If I could choose a color, mine would be gray.

I have ideas in mind for the novel I’ll be writing.  It’ll be a futuristic/fantasy thing once it pops out.  It certainly doesn’t emerge fully-formed from the head of Zeus, if anybody ever had that illusion about writing, by the way. I think the preliminary work to writing the novel is more daunting to me than the actual writing itself.  The writing is the easy part, if that can be believed. I can’t just sit down and start writing, and see where the character goes. I know it has to be more than that, or I’ll quit after twenty-five pages.

Well, I’d better get to doing something that at least looks like I’m doing work. Just keeping you all updated.


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