Magic of Ordinary Days [Susan Isham]

—I hadn’t meant to write about Ruby quite so soon. I planned to put something down on her birthday, which is October 13. But it’s uppermost in my mind today. Ruby will be starting kindergarten next week, so this was a last hurrah of sorts.

Queen Ruby in her polka-dot dress

We spent yesterday together, doing a girls’ day. We got our hair cut. Ruby cut her own hair several months ago to make a “nest” for her dolls. This precipitated continual upkeep and an “Are you done yet?” every five minutes. Not a high maintenance hair gal.

While I got my hair cut and styled, she petted the shop’s longhaired ginger cat, appropriately named Harry, ate a lollipop, dashed in and out the back door, asked random questions and exclaimed about how “beautiful” my hair looked.

We rolled out to the mall from there. Ruby gets a lot of cute secondhand and new things from my mom, aka the “shopping grandma”, so we didn’t need a lot. Some leggings, a couple play dresses, a new sweatshirt would probably do it. After her self-selected lunch of honey shrimp and fried rice, we got to it.

She kept hiding in the clothing racks, peeking out and giggling. I threatened to pick out ugly things for her. It didn’t work. She seemed unable to grasp the concept of shopping for clothes for herself. I realized later that we always buy stuff for her and she likes it or just doesn’t wear it. She’s never been allowed to choose.

We tried stuff on in the dressing room. I picked out a couple things she liked from the Petites section—had to show her that, cause she’ll probably frequent it also. She liked that, showing off in front of the mirror, dancing…

I started to get a clue. Ruby didn’t care about the things that I did. Ruby was happy to be out of the house and seeing other things and hanging with her mom. Period.

This became even more apparent after her nap. We tried to go to one of our favorite parks right next to a graveyard, but it was closed for maintenance. We opted for an early dinner at Denny’s instead. I told her she could have breakfast for dinner, yes she could. She lit up. We ate together and shared dessert. Later, we watched Cinderella—all 80 minutes of it—after her bath.

Ruby is content. She has an uncanny knack of being happy in every circumstance. She entertains herself (mostly) and finds fun everywhere. Sometimes it gets her into trouble. Usually, it means she connects with people and enjoys her life. She finds magic and creativity in every day. Things go wrong but she moves on.

I can learn a lot from this kid.



3 thoughts on “Magic of Ordinary Days [Susan Isham]”

  1. She’s very cute! One thing I thought I’d mention… I doubt the “ugly clothes” threat would work with her. I’ve seen what she wears, and she has a very high tolerance for mix-and-match outfits 🙂


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