Contributing Blogger

Sometimes writing a blog every day makes my arms tired.  I have to hold them up to the keyboard, and put my fingers on the keys of that keyboard, and then move them up and down and hit letters to represent words, which then form paragraphs and… it’s all very exhausting really.

I try to write five blogs a week, one for each weekday; I’m more-or-less successful at that, although sometimes I’d rather sleep, or work, or whatever. Long-and-short of it, I don’t post every day, but I want traffic to my site to continue.

For a few weeks, I’ve been mulling over the idea of contributors.  Just this week, I decided to approach  a trusted friend and ask if she’d be open to appearing as a guest blogger here.  She thought about it, and accepted my offer.

I’d like you to welcome Susan Isham, a friend from college, and a very good writer, as my first contributing writer. We may not always agree 100% on everything, if an issue is controversial, but we always hug and make up afterward. If this works out well (and that’s fully my expectation), I may ask a few others to blog on a semi-regular basis.  At this point, Susan will be taking the “weekend shift”.

Incidentally, if you feel you’d like to write, as a regular contributor, to my blog, please contact me and we’ll discuss it.

Happy reading, folks!


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