The Na Na blog.

I had an epiphany. I realized how much better today would be, if I created a musical setlist with songs featuring the lyrics “Na na na na na….”

XKCD. na na cartoon.

It would be better because *this* song won’t get out of my head…

So I need extra Na-Nas to drive it out. There are a few songs, as they come to me…

Let’s see: There’s this: I sing it to my wife.

And this one. I don’t sing it to anyone. But, you know… Na na.

A throwback to the 80s. I used to love this song. I was into white-boy reggae for a few years.

And something more modern…

And something more 80s…

Girl na-nas… And possibly my favorite P!nk song…

Something for happy punk kids…

And a bit of acid rock for your 60s LSD trippers…

And this. I know the lyrics aren’t na na na… “There ARE no lyrics, Stupid,” you’re saying. Yeah. maybe. But you’re singing na-nas in your head, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU?!

I’ll only annoy you with the first 10 I can think of.  Can any of you come up with others? Go to Youtube and add the link.


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