Happy Together.

Applying a cold compress on my brain this morning. It’s our first “Low Energy” Day of the year at work. This means (1) It’s gonna be over 90 degrees and (2) the overhead lights go off, the escalators don’t work, and we generally minimize energy usage.

It’s already hot, indoors at least. It’s only 74 outside, but with 80% humidity, it’s like walking through a locker room, without the benign, nagging worry of contracting jock itch. I don’t do heat well. I sweat. In fact, it’s the only thing I’m good at. I plan to spend the rest of my day sitting very, very still, hoping for a light breeze, and wondering how many calories I burn while using a keyboard.

I shouldn’t gripe. We don’t have thunderstorms, tornadoes, 3-inch hail, or the usual fare of early summer ickiness they’ve been talking about in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. It seems excessively whiney to complain when Joplin has over 120 dead. To each their own private hell, I guess.

To top off an argument my wife and mother-in-law were having, a few statistics:

NOAA reports that, between 1908 and 2008, 14,054 people in the US have died as a result of tornadoes.

US Geological Survey reports that in the last 100 years, 784 deaths in the United States are directly attributed to earthquakes. Almost 45% of these deaths are from tsunamis, i.e., earthquakes in lands outside the US.

By way of contrast, CDC suggested in a 2003 study that 36,000 people die of influenza each year in the United States.

This leads me to the following conclusions: (1) I’d MUCH rather live in earthquake country than tornado country, if those were the only two factors I cared about and (2) Forget natural disasters! Arm yourselves against the flu!

I got nothing else. Extra points if you know why I named this post what I did.

Upside is I get off work at 3:45 today, so I can sweat at home.


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