A Harry Dresden/Belgariad Connection

I am reading David Eddings’ Belgariad series and I ran across this quote:

“Can he be trusted?” Droblek asked bluntly, pointing at Issus.

Sadi’s expression became whimsical. “Can you be trusted, Issus?” he asked.

“You’ve paid me for up to the end of the month.” Issus shrugged. “After that, we’ll see. I might get a better offer.”

“You see?” Sadi said to the two seated Men. “Issus can be trusted until the end of the month… One thing I’ve noticed about Issus–he’s a simple, uncomplicated man.”  (Enchanter’s End Game.  New York: Dell Rey, 1984. p. 164)

I found it fascinating because immediately it sparked a memory from one of the Harry Dresden novels, by Jim Butcher.

What about him?” I asked the Archive, and nodded towards Kincaid. “Can he be trusted?”

“Kincaid?” the girl asked, her voice whimsical. “Can you be trusted?”

“You’re paid up through April,” the man replied, his eyes still scanning the street. “After that, I might get a better offer.”

“There,” the girl said to me. “Kincaid can be trusted until April. He’s an ethical man, in his way.” (Death Masks.  Pub info. to follow…)

I don’t think Jim Butcher plagiarized. I do, however,think it’s a sly nod in the direction of David Eddings.

Just for fun. I like when my favorite authors get along.


3 thoughts on “A Harry Dresden/Belgariad Connection”

  1. I found this connection the exact same way you described, just two years later. I’m glad to know there are other devoted readers out there who also see these connections.


  2. Dude, you mixed the quotes up. Kincaid and the Archive are from Dresden. 😛

    Other than that, Jim Butcher is AWESOME! 😀 So is Eddings. It’s kind of scary how many books we have in common.


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