Another Blog for Another Monday

Last week came crashing down around my ears. I meant to write each morning, and annoying things like work got in my way. So it’s been about five days since I last blogged. You could sue me for my intentional bloglessness, but what would you get? Nothin’! That’s what.

Our two dogs, Holly and Sniffer. (ca. 1982)

This weekend I scanned about 70 old photos into the computer. It was one of those “sticky-page” photo albums that I’ve had since 1980 (I know this, because I have the inscription from my Grandmother in the thing, on the date she gave it to me). I haven’t added a photo to the thing in years, but it came time to finally retire it. The pages were tacky, years ago, in the literal “sticky” sense, and, being 30 years old, the acidic content was ruining the photos.

Family Photo. I didn't have braces, so I must have been 10 or 11 years old.

I took a very thin bladed paring knife, and carefully removed each of the photos and scanned them on the highest resolution I could manage. Then I did very minor tweaking of the colors(many of the colors were faded, or discolored) and alignment. Next, I turned them into JPEGs and  stuck them on Facebook. Some of the photos were well over 80 years old.

My Great Grandparents (R) and my great great uncle and aunt (L)

They are sort of a family history, up until 1985. I took lots of photos, and clipped them up. Several were from family vacations and barbecues. a few were of pets. Several were of ancestors I’d never met. I took the album to France in the late 1980s, to force the French population to see Oregon, and really really old people, and me, and our dogs and sheep and stuff. I cropped (with scissors) many of the photos, which made them badly-aligned and tiny.

Hooray for technology, which can turn postage-stamp-sized photos into a 4″x4″ photograph!

My sister and me in Sacramento, the same month we moved to Oregon.

Anyway, that was my adventure. I estimated that it took me about 10 hours to do all 70 photos. But that was also getting up to speed with the scanner and the software. So, I guess, once I got going, I can do maybe 10 photos an hour? Wow. No wonder digitizing my life takes so long.

Here are a few highlights, just for spits and giggles.  The whole album can be found by clicking here.

I have nothing else to say. Hope your day is good. Enjoy the photos, if you will.


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