Flying Monkeys and Stuff

I’m a giant sleepy cavalcade of wanting-to-think and not-enough-coffee this afternoon. The day is hot and humid. Alex is at drama practice every day this week. As if he needs any practice being dramatic.  His school is doing a production of Bye, Bye Birdie, which I’m listening to via YouTube clips. Dick Van Dyke and Ann Margaret. They’re somethin’ else. I got a nice long explanation yesterday afternoon, about who Dick Van Dyke was. Apparently he was a famous actor in the 1990s. He appeared in something called Diagnosis: Murder.

[For a bit of fun, and who knows how many laws this breaks (so look fast), the entire film is available on YouTube. I’ve linked to Part 1 here]

I’ve always enjoyed musicals, at least once I decided I wouldn’t be a deviant creep for enjoying them. I like old-time stuff: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Carnival, The Pajama Game, The Music Man and My Fair Lady. More sinister productions are great: I loved the depth and music Cabaret. I’ve yet to see Sweeney Todd, but how can you go wrong with an assassin barber who cooks people into pies? How can a person dislike The Producers? It’s Springtime for Hitler, you know. Moulin Rouge was a fantastic production, mixing current pop and rock melodies with 19th century France.

One of the first movies I remember watching was The Wizard of Oz. Like most Americans, I know every song from that film. The evil apple trees scared me to death. Flying monkeys have never been a nighttime friend of mine.

Nothing more to say on the topic. I’ve been fighting with government technology all day and I needed a short break.

Have a great afternoon–scratch that–if you have other plans, have any sort of afternoon you like.


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