Can’t Be Serious

My thoughts on the shooting of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.


I had a relaxing morning today. I read Facebook awhile, lazily played video games for a few hours, then dragged the boys with me to a brief shopping trip and a deli lunch.  It snowed last night but the roads are clear.  It’s a crisp 29 degrees outside. I delegated use of the remote control to Judi. She watched a Meg Ryan movie while we were gone, and a US Representative was shot. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ life is at stake.

Time stands still sometimes. This was one of those moments for me. It’s just stunning that a man could walk into a Safeway, shoot a publicly elected official and 17 other people (including a child).  Her condition is unclear; right now CNN is reporting that she is in surgery after sustaining a head wound. Every news organization reported her alternately dead, in surgery, dead again, and in surgery again.  I could no longer focus on what I was doing. I was planning to blog anyway, but I immediately changed topics to something slightly less lighthearted.

The reason why is this: rue to my masochistic tendencies life, I decided to read the blogs surrounding the event. Some are screaming that Sarah Palin’s “targeting” of Rep. Giffords in last year’s elections is the cause. Many add to the cacophany that the shooter is innocent until proven guilty, and that nobody knows but God the true hearts of men. Some are on the counterattack: serves you Liberals right; you should have seen what we went through during the 8 years of Bush.

A very few are claiming sorrow for her life: grieving should come first, and blaming later.

It saddens me that this human life has become yet another polemic in the political battles of 21st century United States.  What I believe doesn’t matter. It does, however, matter that we no longer treat each human life as a pawn in a political argument.  Who among these shouting voices has yet shed a tear for anything but the slander against their own agendas?

How can we be serious about the most important questions in life if we refuse to be serious about life at all?

Offer a prayer, if you pray (or a moment dedicated to silence and reflection, if you don’t), to the friends, companions, and family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. She’s given her life for the people of the United States, perhaps literally. She deserves better than dunderheaded politics-mongers.


Your Dunderheaded Politics Monger-In-Chief,


UPDATE: CNN is now reporting that US District Judge John Roll is among the dead. Jan 8, 2011 & 5:09 PM EST


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