The Great Gadfly

Really. Nothing to say today. Listening to the boys playing their Fable III video game on the XBox, and, admittedly, taking a turn on the game every once in awhile.  Daniel is making a cup of tea, and they’re both saying thoroughly random things every few seconds. Below is a ten-minute sampling:

  • Don’t you think for a minute that Bigus Dicus doesn’t have his share of troubles!–Daniel.
  • Don’t you know that raccoons aren’t British? They’re Irish.–Daniel.
  • Alex, you flipped the wolverine.–Daniel.
  • What do trees say to the barber, Alex? Eucalyptus.  You know, Uncle Don made up that joke, uh-huh.–Daniel.
  • Yew berries are a very poisonous type, I think.–Alex.
  • My dear pesky plumbers!–Alex.
  • I’m not gonna be the cheesemaster until the day I die.–Sung, by Daniel
  • We are the keepers of the secret word; Nii, pang, and niiiii-wom!–Alex.
  • Daniel is like an elm tree.  He is very slippery.–Alex.
  • Daniel? Stop being a cat!–Alex.
  • “This door is made out of a rock?” “Is it made out of Duane Johnson? I don’t think so.” “It’s gotta be rock-n-roll music, if you wanna dance with me.”
  • “A straw is not a good idea for drinking hot chocolate.” “You wimp: I practice doing it every day!”
  • “Coffee is good for you; except for the part where it isn’t.” “Maybe you drank coffee as a child, and decided you hated it.” “That’s the worst explanation I’ve ever heard, Alex.”  “YOU’RE the worst explanation I’ve ever heard. ” “And that’s the SECOND worst explanation I’ve ever heard, Alex.”
  • “Money — that’s what I want.”  “A Barbie? That’s what you want?” “Shut up!” “Alex, it’s not an insult if it’s TRUE.”

It’s like this all day long.  No surprise that Judi has escaped to Target, lest she become one.



One thought on “The Great Gadfly”

  1. And here I thought that weird, seemingly random bits of oddness happened at my house. Like this thought that jumped into my head – I’m a year older than you? In April I’ll be 44 >.< When the hell did that happen?


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